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It has been designed with architecture in mind. It is the expression and play on geometry, minimalism, equilibrium. Geometry is the foundation of my work. It consists primarily of pure shapes, but later, thanks to molding technologies and more complicated shapes, it has become more complex. Pure geometry was a virtue that the ancient Greeks praised,Audemars Piguet Replica Watches and Le Corbusier, a great French architect who was born in La Chaux-de-Fonds in Switzerland, evoked "the joy and beauty of geometry" in both speeches and writings.

Jean-Louis Dumas approached you about designing a timepiece to Hermes. What was your process?

Jean-Louis Dumas, Jean-Louis Dumas, and I were talking about what a Hermes men's watch might look. We discussed a watch for adventurers, heroes, keen travellers and then a sports watch, although this was not the most unlikely of genres. Pierre-Alexis Dumas was presented with a variety of models. In 2010, the first rolex cellini replica watches was born. Philippe Delhotal and I were able to bring life to this project, which was actually his first at Hermes.

My experience as an architect led me to work with squares within circles throughout my professional career. The original rolex cellini replica watches was pure geometry combined with the beauty of the square. The new rolex cellini replica watches offers a new geometrical approach, with the possibility of a circle nestled in a square.

The 2010 rolex cellini replica watches was complex in design.Richard Mille Replica Watches The 2010 rolex cellini replica watches was very complex in design. But the timepiece's presence was a sign of sobriety.

The rolex cellini replica watches design is very modern. It was designed before the advent of nomadic devices like cellphones and laptops. These objects used to have sharp-sided cases and shells. The rolex cellini replica watches has softened angles. It's a chic, masculine Hermes that exudes elegance and is minimalistic, exclusive, and especially light for a time when more robust watches were available.

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