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There are many classic and well-known four-sided watches in the world of horology. What were your thoughts on these watches when you designed the rolex day date replica? How did you identify your own space in the design regardless of what was out there?

I wasn't creating a watch, but an object that embodied the Hermes values. This was due to the expression of geometry which creates shapes and seeks harmony in purity and perfection within details. Therefore, I was not able to influence the rest of my business.

2018 will see the release of the rolex day date replica's second generation.Rolex Replica Watches What was your main guiding thought in redesigning this watch?

We wanted a sportier version so we interpreted the dial and played with references to measuring instruments like the pendulum, compass, etc. The watch is very much anarchitecturally-designed, with pure geometry and visual harmony. Its expression of balance, minimalism and play on geometry have been preserved. Comfort on the wrist was also a priority. The silhouette is identical, and it embodies the same Maison style signature, same designer.

The 2018 rolex day date replica H (Image c) Revolution

Please tell us about your decision to use the larger 2mm case.

Although the case is slightly larger than the original, it can be resized by nesting the square inside the circle.

How about the decision to choose steel over microbead-blasted titanium?

We decided to make a limited edition.sinn replica So we chose a steel case instead of the titanium one. The new version is popular and appeals to a wider client base. The new version will be more appealing to the non-traditional Hermes man. It will also reach a wider range of clients, including connoisseurs who have a passion for horological advancement, but not necessarily those who prefer to concentrate on the object's perfection. This model embodies the true identity of the Hermes men’s watch.

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