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 - 1954

Coins of French Indochina




Regular issues 1885-1940

Indochina WWII issues 1939-1943

Indochina Last issues 1945-1953


The Nguyen Dynasty:

1926-1945 Bao Dai

1916-1925 Khai Dinh

1907-1916 Duy Tan

1888-1907 Thanh Thai

1885-1888 Dong Khanh

1884-1885 Ham Nghi

1883-1884 Kien Phuoc

1848-1883 Tu Duc

1841-1847 Thieu Tri

1820-1841 Minh Mang

1802-1820 Gia Long (Nguyen The To)

Bao Dai 1926-1945

The coins of Nguyen Bao Dai - the last Emperor of Vietnam.
These coins are also the last cash-style coins ever produced in the world.

Y#6 Bao-Dai-Thong-Bao
struck brass, 1.40g

Y#6a Bao-Dai-Thong-Bao
cast brass, 3.31g

Y#7 10 Van Bao-Dai-Thong-Bao; rev: Tap-Van
cast copper, 4.01g




Khai Dinh 1916-1925

The coins of Vietnamese Emperor Nguyen Hoang Tong
See also: Khai Dinh silver coins.

Y#4 Khai-Dinh-Thong-Bao
cast copper alloy, 3.00g

Y#5.1 Khai-Dinh-Thong-Bao
struck copper alloy, 2.46g

Duy Tan 1907-1916

The coins of Vietnamese Emperor Nguyen Duy Tan

Y#3 10 Van Duy-Tan-Thong-Bao; rev: Tap-Van
copper alloy, 4.02g

Y#3 10 Van Duy-Tan-Thong-Bao; rev: Tap-Van
Error: strip of metal above Thong character
copper alloy, 4.02g

Thanh Thai 1888-1907

The coins of Vietnamese Emperor Nguyen Thanh Thai

Y#2 10 Van Thanh-Thai-Thong-Bao; rev: Tap-Van
copper alloy, 3.45g

Donh Khanh 1885-1888

The coins of Vietnamese Emperor Nguyen Khanh Tong

C#301.1 Dong-Khanh-Thong-Bao
copper alloy, 3.61g

Tu Duc 1848-1883

The coins of Vietnamese Emperor Nguyen Duc Tong
See also: Tu Duc silver coins.

T#232 Tu-Duc-Thong-Bao
zinc, 2.15g

C#201.2 Tu-Duc-Thong-Bao
copper alloy, 2.44g

C#202 6 van Tu-Duc-Thong-Bao; rev: Luc-Van
copper alloy, 3.40g

C#206.5 50 van Tu-Duc-Bao-Sau; rev: Chun-Van-Nghu-Tap
copper alloy, 12.75g

Thieu Tri 1841-1847

The coins of Vietnamese Emperor Nguyen Hien To
See also: Thieu Tri silver coins.

C#141.1 Thieu-Tri-Thong-Bao
copper alloy, 3.15g

Minh Mang 1820-1841

The coins of Vietnamese Emperor Nguyen Thanh To
See also: Minh Mang silver coins.

C#79 Minh-Mang-Thong-Bao
zinc, 2.47g

C#81.1 Minh-Mang-Thong-Bao
copper alloy, 4.20g

Gia Long 1802-1820

The coins of Vietnamese Emperor Nguyen The To

C#63 7 phan Gia-Long-Thong-Bao; rev: That-Phan
zinc, 2.61g

C#61.2 Gia-Long-Thong-Bao
copper alloy, 2.24g

C#61.3 Gia-Long-Thong-Bao
copper alloy, 2.44g

C#62 6 phan Gia-Long-Thong-Bao; rev: Luc-Phan
copper alloy, 2.09g

Minh Mang silver bar

Minh Mang silver bar
from the Royal Treasury

Private issue silver bar

Kim-Thanh golden leaf

Minh Mang silver bar

No. 1. - Obverse: THAI-BINH-HUNG-BAO.
Reverse: The character DINH, the name of the Dynasty.

No. 2. - Obverse: same as before.
Reverse: plain. Coins made by the king [][] TIEN-HOANG. White copper.

The former Le Dynasty. - 981-1010.

General LE-HOAN ascended the throne under the name of [][] THIEN-PHUOC, and, following the policy initiated by his predecessor, secured peace on the frontiers by successful wars against China and Ciampa.

His son and successor, called LONG-VIET, was murdered by his brother [][] NGOA-TRIEU, three days after he had come to power. This prince, whose conduct was extremely cruel and bad, soon afterwards proclaimed himself king and committed every kind of excess and crime, inventing new tortures and ruining the country in every way. With his death the LE Dynasty came to an end.

No. 3. - Obverse: THIEN-PHUOC-TRAN-BAO, or provincial coin of Thien-phuoc. At that time, as some fifty years before in China, the provinces of Annam were called TRAN.
Reverse: The character LE, the name of the Dynasty.

No. 4. - Obverse: Only the character LE in the lower part of the square hole.
Reverse: plain.

The above two coins were cast in the 5th moon of the 5th year of [][] DAI-HAN (986). They were made principally of white copper, and are rather smaller than the ordinary Chinese cash.














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